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Ticker Technologies || Content Solutions for Web and Intranet Sites

Ticker Technologies is a leading provider of information delivery and presentation solutions to web, Intranet, and Extranet sites. We have been providing stock tickers, charts, news, and other stock data, sports data, and other products to satisfied customers since 1998.

Through our partnerships with various stock exchanges and financial content providers, we are able to offer turn-key software products to corporate clients, charging one ongoing licensing fee which covers both the software and the content license.

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basic plans starting as low as $150/month for twelve months

XML Product Line
Stock data including quotes, news & headlines, live dividend feed, sports scores & information, and weather forecast feeds delivered via eXtensible Markup Language (XML). This product offers your company the ultimate in flexibility, allowing for fully customizable content integration into your applications. The XML Product Line is optimized for corporate portals, Intranets, and web sites. product details

Investor Relations Solutions
Keep your shareholders informed with stock data including quote(s), chart(s), company-specific press releases and other investor tools. IR Solutions are completely customizable based on your needs and budgets and can be designed to match the look and feel of your own website. product details

Ticker Product Line
Java or Flash based scrolling tickers presenting dynamically updating stock data in an eye-catching visual delivery system, using minimal web page real estate. Stock ticker, news, sports, and custom tickers. The Ticker Product Line is ideal for adding interactivity to your company's web site. product details

Market Snapshots
Capture the heartbeat of the market and the attention of your users. Our market snapshot products feature 20-minute delayed quotes on indices and securities, intraday charts, and powerful user interfaces that utilize JavaScript technology, allowing for ease of financial content integration without any complicated or time-consuming development work on your end. product details

Stock Charts
Highly customizable stock charts dynamically generated on-the-fly to meet your exact customizations. Multiple stocks and indices can be charted together on the same graph, by price or percent change, using line, point, bar, or candle stick type charts. Coverage includes US and Canadian equities, popular indices, bond yields, and Custom index charting. product details

Integrable Content
Deliver valuable stock data information to your users without leaving the comfort of your Internet, Intranet, or Extranet site. Content types offered include financial content such as basic & detailed quotes, live dividend feed, company profiles, Associated Press (AP) news, corporate press releases from various newswires, sports scores and information, user portfolio system, compound annual growth rate (CAGR) calculator, and stock screens. product details

ETF Data
Our ETF data offerings include key stats, holdings information, ETF top lists, and ETF video content including introductory videos describing each ETF and daily videos covering ETF top movers and ETFs with unusual volume. ETF data is featured on product details

Video News Content

Daily stock market video content from Market News Video (MNV) can be embedded into your site free of charge with advertisements included, or on a licensed basis without advertising. Ticker Technologies represents MNV for licensed content and can distribute video files and XML feeds. Content can be filtered by channel, ticker symbols, or search string.

For Individual Investors
The products listed above are designed for corporate clients. For individual investors, we welcome you to utilize our product demonstration site (free of charge) where you are able to look up stock quotes and news as well as create and track user portfolios and customized stock tickers. We also highly recommend, an investing discussion forum community featuring stock market messages boards, where individual investors focus on value investments, trading stock tips and research, and sharing news about the markets for stocks and bonds (ValueForum is a corporate client of Ticker Technologies).

Setup fee applies; rates scale upward dependant on client usage and needs.
Please call for a complete rate quote: 1-866-515-2082

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"Ticker Technologies provides a superb service. We have received excellent response to our custom development needs. Our service uptime has been perfect. We are lucky to have found such a reliable company for our needs."

"I've spent the last few days scouring the Internet for a stock ticker for my client's site. I've played with a whole bunch of tickers and studied all the offerings out there, and found that yours was the smoothest, the most customizable, and overall the best."

"The product has been an absolute pleasure. Since our initial setup, the product has worked so flawlessly, we haven't had to give it a second thought."

"Our relationship with TTI has been exceptional. I am more than satisfied with the outstanding quality of their customer service and their quick response time. The product adds great value to our corporate web site."


Ticker Technologies, a leading provider of stock ticker products, sports tickers, news content, weather data, stock charts, and other financial content solutions since 1998.